We need to regain the disquiet produced by the art, that urges men to wonder about life. The great beauty of faith and art is the power to open splits, inviting us to discover the mystery, the eternal, the absolute and the divine.

H. Em. R. Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontificial Council for Culture

In the territory of Lecco, rich in art, culture and religious artworks, strongly characterizing its identity, a project has been started to set off the places of worship and the itineraries of the faith and spirituality.

This project has a great cultural value and is part of a bigger plan called Eco Smart Land - Lecco Eco Smart City. To Expo 2015 and beyond. It is the result of a synergy among several players: the Province of Lecco (that created and organized the project); the Region Lombardy (that strongly supported the project); the Chamber of Commerce of Lecco (that managed the contents and provided analogic and digital tools to promote the territory).

Other partners that cooperated and cofinanced the restoration and enhancement of cultural heritage in the territory are: the Comunità Montana Lario Orientale Valle San Martino, the municipality of Lecco, the municipality of Cassago Brianza, the municipality of Civate and the municipality of Vestreno (public agencies); the Cistercian Abbey S.Maria in Piona, the parish of S.Martino in Vezio, the parish of SS.Pietro and Paolo in Dervio, the parish of S.Tommaso of Canterbury in Dervio, the Foundation of the Province of Lecco Onlus (private organizations).

This ambitious territorial development strategy includes the entire province of Lecco, from Brianza to Valsassina, from the Valle San Martino to the lakeside, following a long Christian tradition that has left traces of great historical, cultural and religious importance.

The project “Luoghi e vie della fede in Provincia di Lecco” made possible the conservation and restoration non only of monuments but also of relevant trails and paths; the project also promotes touristic and religious routes.


Monuments and places that were dedicated to popular religiosity become the focus of traditional and virtual paths in a regional and international dimension.


The project Luoghi e vie della fede in provincia di Lecco deals with a territory that is extremely rich in art and monuments and mysterious beauties. It gives evidence to the different stages of the history of civilization that goes back for thousand years and survives in many places. The landscape of the territory of Lecco offers a unique atmosphere, which is even more remarkable if considered in a regional context.